Sunday, December 12, 2010

Gifts with my name on it

I posted my personal wishlist for 2010 and I'm happy to say I got two out of five. I bought myself a digital camera and a belle de jour power planner 2011. Yehey!!!

My barkada's been bugging me for my wishlist for our annual exchange gift. We usually do this to make it easier for our manita to think of something to give. heheh. Bff D posted her wishlist here. Although there's a slim chance that my barkada will get to read this (but I'm hoping they do) then the following are my choices:

In line with out theme: Something that starts with the letters from our first name or nickname. In my case, its BETHANIE MAE, BETH, or BEE.

B for BOB SHOES. Since I can't afford a pair of Toms now, a pair of locally manufactured Bob shoes would suffice. hehehe. I'm a size 8, by the way. *winks*

B for Bench Jeggings with back pocket. I'm surprising myself with this one. Never thought I would want to own a pair of jeggings considering how my thighs bloated. haha!

B for Boyfriend Polo Shirt. This would be nice to pair up with the jeggings... heheh

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  1. oohhhh.. bob shoes are cute too!

  2. @zahara: true... yan na muna sakin for now ;)


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